A success story

Who We Are

ITA Carrier Services has been in the trucking industry for over two decades.

One thing that is certain is that it is complicated for someone to start a trucking company. Between the licenses, applications, and countless other requirements needed, it can intimidate anyone looking to get into the trucking business.

That is why we have the ITA Carrier Services Startup Program to help make starting a trucking company easier.

The ITA Carrier Services Program helps you form your business entity, completes and files the registrations to get your motor carrier operating authority (MC Number), provides helpful resources for a successful first year, and so much more.

  • Advice

    Our focus is to motivate individuals to start their own trucking business.

  • Discounts

    ITA Carrier Services will provide you access to various amounts of benefits and discounts.

  • Loan

    Every business needs a great start! We are ready to give you support in order to accomplish your dream.